1397972_941973139163065_6283134626416625172_oHello, I am Jenny Martin. As an Assistant Professor of Education at Bridgewater College, I teach Foundations of American Education, Educational Psychology, ELA Methods, Practicum in Current Teaching Techniques, and Literature for Young Adults. Some of my most meaningful work is when I leave campus to visit teacher candidates in the area schools. As a former high school English and photojournalism teacher, I find joy in teacher preparation.

I consider the greatest success in teaching to be when students experience success.  I believe that choice and purpose engages students by making them stakeholders in their education. I also think that a teacher who is an active learner, and who is attentive to students is paramount for the learners to reach their full potential.   I read when my students read; I write when my students write; I share when I expect them to share.

Professional learning communities allow me to collaborate and grow as a teacher and scholar, so I participate by presenting at conventions, writing for journals, and serving professional organizations.

NCTE, November 2016 presentation: “Engaging Preservice Teachers in Layers of Literacy” with Dr. Katie Dredger (James Madison University) and Dr. Karen Rogers (Bridgewater College).

I serve as the secretary of Phi Delta Kappa, and encourage our BC students to participate by attending our enrichment programs.

Chalk Walk
Hosted by Educators Rising at Harrisonburg High School, Bridgewater College students participated with area educators in a Chalk Walk to honor teachers in April, 2016. Proceeds funded scholarships for future teachers.