Jenny M. Martin

Learn for Life. Teach.

Jenny M. Martin - Learn for Life. Teach.


I am a doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Instruction at Virginia Tech, with a focus on middle and secondary English Education. As a graduate teaching assistant, I have taught Teaching Adolescent Readers and Teaching Composition. I also supervise student teachers during their internship experience as they work toward a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.



Graduation celebration with Virginia Tech 2012 MAED students.

I also work part-time at Bridgewater College, assisting students in Praxis preparation and working with teacher candidates. In the summer, I co-direct the Shenandoah Valley Writing Academy for teachers who want to hone their writing skills and learn to teach writing more effectively to students.

I consider the greatest successes in teaching to be when students experience success.  I believe that choice and purpose engages students by making them stakeholders in their education. I also think that a teacher who is an active learner, and who is attentive to students is paramount for the learners to reach their full potential.   I read when my students read; I write when my students write; I share when I expect them to share.