Reflecting on the Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy 2013

The CHEP conference offered new experiences. It was my first time participating in a poster session and a research session. I learned from speaking with a marketing professor from New Hampshire that visited our poster session that we should have used a QR code. He introduced me to QR codes through Google, which will keep your stats regarding how many people have visited your site. The research session on digital internships introduced me to the deep thinking of scholars. Participants in our session had insights into our research that broadened my view of what we were doing.

I learned from CHEP 2013 to be careful what you wish for. I did not expect all 4 of the proposals that my name was on would get accepted, so I set myself up for a lot of prep. The fourth presentation was a practice session , with my advisor Dr. Katie Dredger and my office mate Paige Horst, on using Web 2.0 tools for reflection with preservice teachers.  Since I did a practice session last year, I was much more comfortable presenting this time around.

Two poster presentations with Naina Bhandari, Windi Turner, Jenny Martin (me) and Beth MacDonald at last week’s Conference of Higher Education Pedagogy.


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