Harnessing Choice

I am a digital immigrant (I know it’s an old term, but it’s still useful) and I think that may be why when I read Posner’s blog on “Embarrassment of Riches: Managing Research Assets” I began to shut down. Then, I thought of when Jessica Chittum, a teacher assistant in my motivation and cognition class, showed us Barry Schwart’z  Ted Talk and I gained insight on my feeling of wanting to shut down. What Schwartz said to me during his 20-minute talk was worth the time. Brett Jones calls him “the jeans guy” and in his Ted Talk he explains the “paradox of choice” and how it can overwhelm us. I like how when someone names something it allows me to feel in control of whatever that something may be. In this case, knowing that other people experience the sensation of depression due to too much choice helped me to revisit Posner’s blog in order to take a look at just one thing at a time. I went back to Diigo, which I had not used since Fall semester, bookmarked Posner’s site, along with Jone’s site on motivation, Warnick’s on the digital self and enjoyed synthesizing all that I’m learning. I will revisit this professional learning community that Virginia Tech is helping me build, and Diigo is helping me organize, and I know that these scholars will continue to help me learn and grow. It’s comforting to tell myself that I am practicing self-efficacy when I use Diigo as a way to save some of my learning for later. And ironically, I’m using some of what Posner suggests to handle this flow of information.







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